COACHELLA WEEKEND ONE HERE WE COME! I’ve lived in Los Angeles now for 7 years and have never once attended Coachella. How?! What’s worse is that I used to make fun of everyone who kept their wristbands on far past the socially acceptable week or two after the festival… and now I can’t get myself to cut this thing off!

I attended weekend one with about 25 other influencers sent by Dote (the awesome shopping app). If you didn’t know, I hold tons of giveaways over on Dote so make sure to download it and follow me (adrienne finch)! The girls were so nice and fun and we truly had an incredible weekend.

Being a Coachella noob wasn’t as bad as I expected. That being said, I did learn some KEY things over the weekend that I want to share with you! But first, the fun part. OUTFITS!!!



On Day 1, I went for a more girly vibe. I wore this adorable striped jumpsuit from Princess Polly, this flashy silver swim top from Forever21, a bandana necklace from Missguided, and plain white platform sneakers from TopShop!

I also put on lots of flash tats and glitter to complete the look!


Day 2 was my favorite outfit day by far! I would call this my “edgy” day. I was channeling my inner rocker girl / alien / mermaid / bird look and I was living for it. I wore this pink one piece suit from Forever21, mesh t-shirt dress from Missguided, silver festival necklace from TopShop, bright purple lipstick from NYX, and the same white platform sneakers (highly recommend… SO COMFY).

I also wore crazy jewels on my forehead and around my eyes which I really think completed the look!


Day 3 was supposed to be my “basic” outfit day, but I ended up liking it the most I think! I wore this white tube crop top from Forever21, black distressed shorts also from Forever21, necklace from TopShop, black bandana from Forever21 (sequined of course), and did my hair in cute half-up pigtails!

So… what do you pack??

If I learned anything this weekend, it’s essentials you should never go to the festival without.

Here’s my list (in order of importance):

-Portable phone battery pack (MUST HAVE)

-Phone charger

-Jacket for when it gets cold at night

-COMFY SHOES!!!! Trust me it’s sooo worth it.



-Deodorant / perfume (trust me)

-Ear plugs (save those eardrums kids)


-Bandana for all the sand and dust that gets thrown around especially at night

-If you wanna get fancy… long distance walkie talkies because reception is horrible!

You should also pack backup outfit options (but not to bring to the festival itself). You never know if you’ll change your mind when you get there!


Hope you guys enjoyed my FIRST BLOG POST EVER!!! Be sure to subscribe over on the right and I’ll see you next time.




xoxo, adrienne finch

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